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leave it to beaver… February 16, 2008

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wdantvleaveittobeaver1.jpgtoo_late_to_re_think_html_6ab5141e1.jpgokay, so i’m watching tvland (the channel with all of the old old shows) and leave it to beaver comes on.  i find it quite funny to see that the kids were just as goofy as today.  the show that i saw this morning -“beev” came home with a black eye and when ward (the dad) found out he vowed to teach the beaver to mop the floor with the kid who hit him.  dads are funny and they usually do what comes to instinct first. some dads probably won’t admit to thinking the same way as ward did in that episode but whose dad didn’t take their kid to the back yard and show them the ways of the “world”… back then and now.   i guess if i put it that way (ways of the world) the decision would be a bit more obvious.  we’re called to be in the world and not of the world.  however, i struggle with doing what would be right and wonder if i would have responded like ward cleaver.  i don’t think i would have been disappointed if my kid would have “responded in kind” (you know what i mean). hmmm…sometimes i tend to think like a man until i step back and think a moment before doing.  but sometimes when you’re in the fight of your life you don’t necessarily think it out, you take action. anyhoo…“i’m gonna teach beev to mop the floor up with this kid”…(i still think that’s funny)



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