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he’s trying to be brave… February 20, 2008

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my best little bud in the whole world (myles) is trying his best to be brave.  his daddy went on a month long trip for work and it will be the hardest time for my baby boy because he loooovvvvveeeessss to be with and play with his dad.  so far he’s (myles) focusing on the promised phone calls and phone to phone pictures he is and will be getting often.  hOwEvEr, the true reality of it all is starting to kick in and looking at his sad little eyes i just wanna hug and cuddle him until his daddy comes back. but i’m sure he’ll be fine.  we have lots planned in the meantime, including a couple of extra coffee dates.  so, while daddy is gone, let’s get him juiced up on caffeine (teehee) just kidding.  his dad sp0ke with him before he left on his trip and told him that he’s a brave little knight and like any little boy hanging on his dad’s every word and he is holding onto it.  i guess it goes to show you, speak positive things that will build your child up and they will believe it.  tell them you love them often, tell them words that let them know that even when they are feeling low they will try their best to hang onto the good things you’ve spoken into their little lives.  he’s my brave little knight.



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