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love a good debate… February 22, 2008

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so i’m watching the democratic debate and i think it’s fun!!! woohoo (obviously, it does not take much to make me happy).  anyhoo, they are fired up tonight, there is very little time and there is about to be some scrappin’ going on for the position of top dog in this great u.s.a.  history in the making my friends.  whether you agree with either of these two  and what they stand for or not, just the fact that there is diversity (an african american and a woman) and two people that have somehow energized the a generation of folks ready to make significant changes for our country and our world.  whose side am i on?  weeeeellllllll that’s my little secret grasshopper.  borders, healthcare, war, jobs, veterans, education, this country’s DeFiCiT…reminds me of this song by billy joel (check it out below – click and listen)  yes, it’s an old song but take a listen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKu2QaytmrM 

i wonder what the candidates do after the debates? i have a few guesses and it probably ain’t pretty



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