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runnin’, runnin’, runnin’… February 27, 2008

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okay, so it’s sign-up time for the chicago marathon www.chicagomarathon.com  and dare i do it again? it’s the middle of winter and last night i spent 1 and 1/2 hours shoveling snow and ice chunks and cabin fever is setting in…i am itching to hit the pavement to suck up some fresh air while singing eye of the tiger (teehee). 

THE MARATHON! is there a better way to sight see the diversity of chicago than to run 26.2 miles with 35,000 of your running mates? probably NOT!  i need fresh air and my body in non stop motion. besides since october7th (the adventures of last-years-marathon.doc) there seemed to have been a plethora of life’s hiccups and on top of that something attached itself to the back of me and the back of my thighs and then something jiggly happened to my arms.  apparently i took full advantage of the pure sugary delights from  thanksgiving, christmas, and every other day.  mmmmmmmm sugary sweets!!!! …all the time, so then…”baby got back”(teehee). 

whether i do the marathon this year or not, andre’ (this really cool guy i hang out with and had children with:) said that he plans to take on the challenge.  we shall see.  in the mean time, i need to pull out my running shoes and channel a bit of sly stallone from the movie “rocky” (he’s ripped one in the video)



1. tom - February 28, 2008

I say go for it! But then again, I’m biased because I think Chicago is the best marathon in the world. You’ve run it so you know what you’re signing up for.

Seems like the extra calories caught up with a lot of us.

Good luck returning to running

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