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reflecting on a meltdown… March 1, 2008

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 okay, so the other day stress got the best of me and it all came crashing down at once.  i’m not supposed to show stress because “i am woman, hear me roar”.  but it figures that as much strength that i believe that i have in being able to handle life’s stuff is the same amount of emotional pinned up energy that i have.  it serves me right that it will take 5 months of seemingly non-stop one stressful event after another.  pile on the fact that andre’ had to leave town for a whole month for like top secret training for a new job in remote countryside (missery  missouri:).  bring on the looooonnnnngggg awaited tears.  not to mention that i had t-minus 10 minutes to get on stage and lead /dir. worship service…how??? ummmm.  the story:  life’s unfortunate mishaps, add to that a weekend of murphy’s law all the way through sunday morning.  as i headed to the sanctuary to tie up loose ends prior to service i turn around and see a fountain that flooded the floor in the middle of the hall and a morning that wouldn’t quit (all before 9:30 am), MaKe iT sToP!!! anyhoo, don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to hold it together and someone says, “is everything okay” and before you know it you’re bawling so hard that you feel as if your head is going to pop off and in that moment you wish that it would and the rapture would come and take us all because…you don’t want to go on stage looking like something the cat dragged in.  obviously i have no shame because i went on stage anyway, prayed for strength and hoped that what was said was a blessing to someone in someway.  thank God that his grace is sufficient and so is his mercy.  what a morning!!!  have you ever had one of those days that everything seemed to go to pot and one little puddle of water could send you MeLtInG down?  i really can handle life but this roaring woman had enough.  sooo, here’s the lesson, take time to download all your stresses on a daily. whether you journal, pray and journal, read, take a hot soothing bath, meditate, or go for a long run…download daily and you won’t end up near the point of “certifiable” (okay not really but you know what i mean).  so how did it end? i survived the day, sucked down a cup of coffee, cleaned my face and slapped on some lip gloss (the answer to everything – teehee) and let God’s grace carry me through the rest of the day and of course later on my baby boy and i took a  loonnnngggg nap!!! (the other answer to everything – teehee)



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