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toooooo loud!!!! March 3, 2008

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call me a dreamer or eternally optimistic (most times) but i love to think crazy big dreams and think optimistically rather than to stay in a mediocre state of mind or state of being. have you ever had someone try to put a lid on your over the top dreaming?  i thought of this question as i was in costco. if you’re ever in costco, as you walk in they have these large screen and flat screen televisions usually with some exciting sporting event or movie playing so that you can get the sound and the feel and pretty much so that you can “get the big picture” (no pun intended) of this surround sound theatre like effect in your own home.  anyhoo, as i was standing there checking out a movie on one of the screens, one of the store clerks comes over and turns down the volume to something less than what human ears can hear.  this totally changed the experience for me.  if i was in the market to make a purchase for one of these hot electronic items his action would have caused me to suddenly change my mind and rethink the notion of whether i need it or not.  the point of selling something like that is not to get them to rethink buying, it would be to get people more excited about wanting the item even if it’s not on their agenda, right? i’m sure what he did was not what “mr. costco” had in mind when he had things set up to engulf you with the sound and crisp clear picture to peak your interest.  as this store clerk turned down the volume he whispered something under his breath like “that’s too much, too loud”).  hummph, too much too loud??!!?? what kinda store clerk does that?  it just made me think of something i’ve encountered at different times in life…to never give in to someone telling you that the dream, the vision, the passion that God put in you to do BIG things or creative things or exciting things is too much, too, loud, too big.  if ever someone attempts to put a lid on or mellow you out…don’t give into it!!!  DREAM BIG, LIVE BIG, PRAY FOR GOD TO TRANSFORM YOU FROM THE INSIDE OUT SO THAT YOU CAN DO THE BIG, CREATIVE AND EXCITING THINGS THAT HE HAS CALLED YOU TO!!! you may think that what you do for others is simple, but as you make a mark in someone else’s life you may never see or know the lasting and sometimes big effect it may have in their life.  so, go BIG or go home.  never let naysayers and irritated people cause you to doubt some of the unique things that burn within you.  all the bumps and the bruises of life…you will inevitably survive and thrive from. you can show others that there is hope and no matter what may come,  you still can do BIG things, EXCITING things, CREATIVE things (you get the picture)



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