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seriously men, that’s gross… March 3, 2008

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okay, so i am always afraid to shake a man’s hand because i see them digging and picking.  (not to mention that i am somewhat of a germaphobe).  i sure you have been driving on the road and have seen someone going to town digging for gold (if you know what i mean).  well, the other day i was talking to a friend i hadn’t seen in a while and as we are in conversation he picked a little, not a little itch rub your nose kinda thing but he picked a little and then the kinda picked a little higher into his nostril as he continued to talk.  i was praying that he reached out for a hug instead of a parting hand shake cuz i’m not sure if i could have contained my self from doing the heebie jeebie dance.  so yes, we hugged instead of a handshake (whew!)

okay, so i was hanging out and a group of us were all talking and one of the guys was in the al bundy pose (actor from married with children),  hands down his pants just chillin’ in fact, i’m sure his hands were further down his pants.  as i looked at him to see if he would stop he looks up (obviously a bit embarrassed) and said “i had to adjust”.  seriously, do women dig and pick and scratch and adjust that much.  i’m very thankful for hand sanitizer!!! just venting a little bit:)



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