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it’s the law! March 6, 2008

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 new law maker???

i’m not sure if any of you have heard or not but my little four year old has just announced to me that there is a law and apparently i must have missed the memo that stated this. here is the deal…my little bear was running down the stairs and fell from the landing and his fall was broken by my guitar that was fortunately (or unfortunately?) at the end of the staircase. as he was screaming bloody murder, i scooped him up, held him tight and applied a cold pack to his poor little throbbing head.  as he sat there and sobbed and sobbed and the tears started to subside a little, he decided that his fall was my fault.  all of a sudden i hear, “mommy, why weren’t you watching me. you are supposed to watch me walk down the stairs. it’s the law! the law is that parents are supposed to watch their children walk down the stairs, and you didn’t do that. next time momma, will you watch me walk down the stairs? okay.” then he said, “when daddy sees me, he is going to be sad.” he’s only four and he’s already trying to state the law and then appeal to the people’s emotions.  maybe he’s all caught up in this political season but he’s picked up some stuff.

first, thank God he only scrapped his head on the guitar case and only got a little bump.  second, when is it my fault that he decided to do stunts down the staircase. can somebody remind me of that laws of parenting?



1. Rachel - March 25, 2008

Ha ha! When Kyra (or Karsten…argh! I can’t remember!!!) was about three, Jason had ripped up some carpet in our dining room and put in a laminate floor. We were sitting in the living room when ‘the kid’ in pajamas ran right past us, hightailing it to the kitchen, and just wiped out (flat on back) when the first sock hit that laminate. Through the sobs, the first words spoken were: “Why’d you do that, Daddy?!?!?!” We were like, “Do what?!?” The answer: “Put that slippery floor in!” 🙂

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