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be healed!!! March 9, 2008

Posted by jonesgurl in my ramblings....

okay, so like i have a four year old that’s all boy and full of testosterone. which means he’s always playing rough and banging and falling and jumping and running and stuff like that.  so as he tried to demonstrate or “impress” a little girl he was playing with he bounced down on his little knee really hard, so hard that he actually hurt it to the point of limping for a couple of days.  anyhoo, today after taking a long nap, his daddy asked him if he was feeling better and here was his response (no kidding) “yes, my knee feels better, God sent an angel down from heaven to make my knee feel better and now it does. i prayed and  now it’s all healed up, you know i always do that (pray).” then he continued to eat his macaroni as if he hadn’t just impressed or surprised mommy and daddy (more importantly, he wasn’t even trying to).   i say that this is a kid who really believes all that he is taught in children’s church and he really takes it all to heart.  i certainly hope that it never leaves him. how many of us live so totally uninhibited that we just aren’t ashamed to say what we believe as it relates to the power of Christ?



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