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easter…all about a man, all about a cross March 26, 2008

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okay, so reflecting on easter and i have had a light bulb moment. i’m not sure when this happened but in my thoughts i have been relating everything in ministry to the way Christ lived and the ever important significance of how and why he died.  it’s not that i did not know it before now, it’s just that something happened as i was planning for the easter week/weekend worship happenings, music, etc.  everything went soooo beyond planning and became like an experience.  i can honestly say that when planning services or thinking about the details i did not always have an emotional connection.  over the past few weeks, i literally had an emotional and contemplative connection to each thing that happened.  i have this thing about being awake for life, fully in the moment, connected to what you do and when you find yourself in that place it almost seems as if your whole life is an experience-good, bad or indifferent. i feel like my responses are more thought out or maybe i’m just getting better at responding more thoughtfully.  at any rate, have you wanted so badly for God to change your heart, your thoughts, your ways and such but wasn’t quite sure when it would happen?  i think it happens when we totally surrender our life…like for real.  if you ever doubt the love of Christ for you, me and others like you or unlike you…no more doubting because He really went far to show us how worth it we all are.  so as i reflect on easter, i can’t seem to get one of my favorite songs “ever live without me” out of my head (check out the video).  i would sing it for you but this video and original artists does a better job (teehee). although this is a dramatic retelling of the story,  the words and the pictures still capture it.



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