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slurrrrpppp…starbucks April 8, 2008

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okay, so i was watching nightline and one of the execs (i think) from starbucks was being interviewed.  i happened to come in at the end of the interview and heard him saying “we’re not in the coffee business serving people, we are in the people business serving coffee”.  i actually like that as a motto to go by for whatever your business is.  some people might hear that quote and think, of course they will say whatever you want to hear to get your 3, 4 or 5 dollars per yummy scrumptous specialty drink .  we all must admit that we keep on going back to starbucks or what some call st. arbucks (teehee).  i must say that when i am out shopping or out to eat or what have you, if you’re my service person and you’re nice, helpful, willing, patient, etc, just overall great in customer service, my wallet just falls open for you.  so i guess there is something to to be said for being in the people business serving or selling whatever you serve or sell.  people appreciate you connecting with them because it makes them feel that you care and usually they don’t mind paying for great service (or products). okay, so here’s an interesting question for you that are in ministry…how much better do you think people would respond to you if we took the approach of relating to them as a person vs trying to convince them of God.  i think that when you try to relate to people and their very real human needs, the God in you and the God that you serve becomes very apparent…no convincing needed.  i am not saying that it is simply put, but as you are trying to share your faith with others it is important that you see the person as Christ would see them and be just as gracious. just my thoughts. keep in mind that we all have our days and sometimes extra grace is requried:).

c ya. peace 2 ya. power to the people and all that stuff.                            toni



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