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bowchicawahwah… April 10, 2008

Posted by jonesgurl in bad mommy, bad movie, children, deep thoughts, good mommy, help!, oops, raising children.
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okay, so really i’m not trying to be vulgar or anything but OMG…i think i messed up big time and here’s how…

as i was in the kitchen fixing a peanut butter sandwich for my four year old (who so wants to be a big boy already), he comes into the kitchen and started singing “bowchicawahwah”.  so i had to think really fast and carefully about radio, public places, my language, dad’s language, friends and tv…because nowadays primetime has creeped into daytime (even the commercials), which is another topic to discuss about eliminating televison in our house.  anyhoo, moving along, i had to think quickly ancd carefully about where on earth did he hear that little ditty.  then i realized that he had been watching his new video which i thought was non-sensual, non-vulgar and completely innocent.  who would have thought that one of the things he actually remembered from an alvin and the chipmunks movie would be bowchicawahwah.  it’s a total cartoon family kinda movie that i thought was not that bad at all.  ooooppppssss!!!! am i that completely desensitized to words, their affect and how much kids catch on.  amongst all the dvds that he has i guess i need to go back and  do an eyes and ears wide open review of all the movies (which i thought i did). there was a scene that we fast forwarded in this movie, but i guess i have to go back to my over the top restrictions.  so much for letting down my guard.  all animation is not okay.  repeat with me “all animaiton is not okay”. this is a day that i am totally standing in judgement of myself for “how good of a mommy am i?”  ever have that kind of day that you think about whether or not you’re a good parent?

i am very curious about what people allow their children to watch? was alvin and the chipmunks a good mommy or bad mommy move????? i say it was a careless mommy move.  ugh! (must admit…it was funny though)

lemme know what you think!

c ya.




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