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in need of prayer… May 22, 2008

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as we sometimes get wrapped up in our own little worlds, we open our eyes and realize stranger things than we can ever imagine are happening around us.  so, kiss your kids, hug your husband, forgive your neighbor, and know that there are just some things that we will never understand.  i’m in a reflective mood after thinking hard about big decisions for my life and then later opening up this and reading what would be unfathomable for any family.

pray for them. they will need your prayers for a while. his minsitry reaches worldwide and inspires people daily… they will need your prayers because he’s a daddy and she’s a mommy.

peace 2 you




can’t get it outta my head… May 14, 2008

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one of my new favorite song. check it out. click here to see what i’m talking about.  enjoy!

mommy’s day… May 12, 2008

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i’m sure that moms all over the world are being celebrated in one way or another. from the sweet and simple to the ultra elaborate.  it can be a really fun day for those with little ones like my little boobear (one day he’ll get me for that name).  he wrote a song for me that included the words mommy, momma, i, love and hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm.  a new ipod favorite! (teehee)

if you’re reading this and you’re a mommy – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO YOU!!! i will spend the rest of the evening hanging out with my little buddy and thinking about my little angel in heaven.

who could resist this face to chase away the blues

the end of a work day and the beginning of a play date with this guy!

my vow of silence… May 10, 2008

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this is the start of my first full day of talking again.  not because i was so disciplined that i vowed silence to achieve some great enlightenment (perhaps i should try that though). however, i spent the whole week not talking mostly because it hurt like someone burned the first ten layers of the flesh from my throat  (okay, that sounded nasty…cuz it was ooooooooowwwwwww!!!!!!!) nothing was important enough for me to say that would be worth prolonging my healing of my raw and aching throat.

i haven’t blogged in a while so i guess now is a good time to express myself without talking by blogging hmmmmmm, a little backwards huh. (teehee)

anyhoo, i suddenly feel like continuing that vow of silence.  i don’t want to speak because i’m not sure what words will exit my brain and straight out of my mouth (without thinking first)

i dont’ want to talk because i miss this girl and my brain is so foggy that i have no words to speak.  as i sit on the sofa watching my four year old as he watches his saturday morning cartoon (remember doing that), i’m trying to figure out what he and i can do for mother’s day weekend.  thinking, thinking and more thinking….so i come up with our pre-scheduled trip for waffles at creme de la crumb and then a trip to the city on the train for some good conversation and a drink from here or here

planning my mother’s day took my mind off of my sadness for a second and not wanting to talk. but then i began to cry.  so as you can see this day is looking lovely already…up down, up down, up down withthe emotions.  anyhoo, without even knowing what was going on, my favorite boy in the whole world decided to give me my mother’s day present early. this really cheered me up (thank you God, your timing is fantastic!)

special mommy’s day gift (a flower picture holder with a special picture made by a. myles-preschool student)




so my tears stopped and this face put a little sunshine back into my world…