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ch-ch-ch-changes… June 25, 2008

Posted by jonesgurl in all about change, all about me.
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long time no writing here.  i’m back and lots of changes happening.  today is my burfday!!! and today is my last day to be in a staff meeting with these folks  .  i’m changing lots of things, 1) i can actually say my age out loud…(i’m assuming that i don’t look quite my age).  i see no signs of crows feet, wrinkles or creases. yay!!! 2) i’m stepping down from my position as worship arts director at church and it’s been a wild ride.  3) my little boobear is turning 5 soon! i did not realize 5 was such a big birthday until we got to the 30 day countdown.  i feel like i’m scrambling to hang on to my little baby boy as he turns into a full out testosterone filled 24/7 ball of energy big boy. 

nevertheless, this time in life will be no more than another wild ride.  i’m looking forward to whatever this interesting life has to offer…again. 

it’s been an interesting day thus far.  i’m a pretty intuitive person and all the things that i’m feeling, noticing, witnessing and that God is showing me….i’m growing more to accept people for who they are and dismiss things that i can’t control about life, other people or me.  i would say that i can sum up these past two years as growth that sometimes even surprises me. yay!!!

anyhoo, my tummy is a little achy from burfday cake…but it was really good cake.  i’m gonna call it a night with an ice cold tall one of  my favorites…sobe green tea (cuz i live a hard life…teehee) and chill.

 as i look at the time on my post it says 1:07 am.  yeah, i don’t think so.  i’ve gotta fix that. does anyone know how?



1. Rachel - June 26, 2008

delete your messages from your cell phone, girl, so you can hear a lovely recording of my voice singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

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