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woohoo independence day! July 4, 2008

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what to do for the day. grill out? watch the fireworks? hang out in the backyard with my family? eat lots of fresh yummy summer fruit? better yet…eat junk food until my heart’s content? watch rocky IV (you know…the one that he beats drago the seemingly unstoppable russian boxer which, is my favorite movie ever) or perhaps attend the taste of something  or the fest of some town here in chicagoland?

anyhoo, whatever i do must say that as i think about the freedom and civil liberties and such of this country, i’m proud that i and my family are a part of this country.  i am of a generation that has gotten to experience things that our ancestors fought for, worked hard for and struggled through.  big shout out and thank you to those who paved the way for us.  (insert patriotic song here:) )

my son recognizes the symbols and signs and what colors and such represent america and he gets excited.  he completely knows what it is like to live the american dream though he does not know all that it entails.  he does not know that as we live in this country, we are privileged beyond what you would see in other parts of the world.  i’m going to be sure to raise him to be appreciative and giving because he is so blessed. the good thing about the american dream is that it does not mean the same for all of us…free to be independent of looking, being, feeling, living, acting, living, loving, doing, worshipping the same as everyone else.  i love it.  we’re free to worship as we please which means we do not have to hide our love for Christ. we can share our love for Christ out in the open with others.  Free not to hide who we are in Him! yay!

so as i sit here, trying to figure out the day, i’m going to sign off and dig into some fluffy blueberry pancakes that my husband has prepared.  he cooked because today i am free from domestic duties such as cooking…teehee. okay, so that’s pushing the freedom thing a bit but it sounded good right?!

have a great extended holiday weekend…happy independence day!



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