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okay, so like right now i have some stuff that i just have to settle with God.  i just really need your help Lord in knowing what to do and how to be for some good friends of mine.  i feel like i’m surrounded by broken hearts, betrayed hearts, sorrowful hearts, regretful hearts, sad hearts, tiny hearts and hearts that i know can be redeemed by God’s never failing love. 

everything that i do is intense (or so it seems). so, needless to say, i can feel their broken spirits and i just want to hug them, hug their hearts, love on them and really let them know that i care for them and encourage them to cry out to God in an honest way, what is tearing them apart inside.

one is going through a divorce and we all know how !#$%^&*()_+ that is. yes, i just said !#$%^&*()_+!!! her family is hurting and i am so proud of her for speaking her true feelings, doing what’s best for her family and still holding on to God as much as she can.  she has presented herself in such a gracious way in the face of several heartbreaking blows (all one after the other).  my prayer is that she knows that God will be with her as she continues through this valley making her way to the mountain top with God.  God bless my sweet friend and her beautiful and brave little ones. this video is for her and it is one that penetrates the heart and points us back to Him. 

my other friend is in a really weird place in life as a lot of people i know these days.  nothing feels good about where she is but i just want her to know that God will take care of her heart and knows the plans for what the next step in life is.  she does not have to worry much though it can’t be helped sometimes.  i’ll miss her dearly and i know that we’ll remain friends…our kids have made a connection with each other and we’ll have to never let go of that.  isn’t it funny how we always say that we’ll never lose touch or contact with each other but sometimes we let those relationships slip a little at times.  i just want her to know that all that He has placed in her lap…she can handle it and i’ll be there in what way i can but as i’m sure she already knows very well is that God will never let go of her in ALL things. i’m proud of her and her family and i am proud of her for seeing that glimmer of hope that He has given her!!! love and blessings!!! this one is for her and them. 

then, i have friends (some youthful ones and some grown up ones) that have to experience making tough choices, tough decisions and who find themselves in hard spots that they don’t want to be.  always God is with us and we need him to guide us with WHAT TO DO NEXT, WHAT TO DO NOW AND WHERE HE WANTS US TO BE.  my prayer is for God to lead me and those around me and my family to do what it is he wants for us to do.  let us be courageous, contagious in our response and our love to each other.  renew us and strengthen us and refresh us daily.  let us stand in the face of whatever comes our way and know that the You who dwell within us can survive, strive and conquer.  we will love, live and be how you want us to be.  not our will but yours Lord. we trust you and yes we believe you. we will stand upon your word. in the name of Jesus. Amen!!!  (sorry i did no edits to this post tonight because, well, i was lazy…teehee)

much love to ya



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