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i feel sick…can i stay home? July 17, 2008

Posted by jonesgurl in 1.

okay, so myles is only five and he is already a quick slick talker.  he doesn’t want to go to swim in the morning so before the night was over for him we had an interesting conversation…

myles:  (grabbing his leg and making the ouch noise) oh, my leg hurts

me:  what’s the matter, did you hurt your leg?

myles: yeah, i think my leg hurts. i can’t go to swim class tomorrow.

me: it’s your last day for this session.  don’t you want your certificate and your lollipop?

myles: (pauses to think about the cherry lollipop he knows that he’ll get at the end of session)

myles: i’m goig to be sick all the way until my birthday party on sunday. then i will feel better for my party. yeah, i think i’ll be sick now. (keep in mind that he is saying this as he is playing with his trains)

seems like he’s starting his excuse making early in life.  though i don’t condone this little slick talker’s sad little plea to sleep in tomorrow…i think my leg hurts too. momma is tired! teehee



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