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hIGhLy MoTiVaTeD… July 26, 2008

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i’m feeling motivated and stuff, yet i really want to lay on the beach for days while the sun warms me to sleep. aaaaaaaahhhhhh. hang on while i  s-l-o-w-l-y come back from my dream. 

okay, so while i simply dream of beach vacations, i am feeling very motivated about some fantastic things on the horizon.  you know how you can be pumped and excited and ready to roll? well that’s me right now. however, there are a few pressing details to take care of first. 

have you ever felt like there is so much of life to soak up that you don’t even have a sponge big enough to take it all in.  the good, the fantastic, the bad, ugly and the indifferent…i want to soak it all in.  my prayer:  God give me strength to handle it all with wisdom.

if the last two years as a worship arts director has taught me anything, it would be…strength in the face of whatever and just as you seem to get wHaCkEd in the face with stinger of sorts, you may then have to turn around within moments to minister to the heart of someone He puts before you.  exhausting and invigorating. gotta love it.  and strangely enough, i did and i do.

i’m ready to push forward and watch God move in this life of mine.  in the meantime, it won’t hurt to pray for a trip to here. (teehee)

i am exactly one month away from this sweet girl’s third year of existence in my world, my life, my heart, my soul, my family.

i guess you can say that she is a part of why i’m motivated to move through life the way that i do.  as i type this i shudder at the thought of her.  my heart breaks but i’m thrilled to have had her (my amber lynn).

as i watch my son and how he plays with little babies and cares for them, i feel blessed to see God work in his life.  i see the tenderness that a five year old testosterone filled, highly energized and intelligent little boy handles children smaller than him with care.  i also can’t help but wonder if he’s fulfilling his longing for his little sister through his play with these little babies. 

i see this and i am motivated to move through life the way that i do or at least attempt to move through life in a decent way.  i a moved to do right. do good. do life the way Christ call us to. to simply do better.

motivation comes in many different ways. i say, keep your eyes open to how God shows you things.  it may not be the way you want it, but i just have to believe, like the bible tells us promises us, “all things work together for the good of them who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose”

because of our amber lynn, my husband is motivated to move closer to letting God heal his heart. my prayer:  God please strengthen him as he discovers your true joy, peace, courage and wisdom.  this song i dedicate to him. he loved the song long before we were ever blessed to be able to conceive her and he had it sung (beautifully by a good friend) at her memorial service. so i call it a song meant to be just for him.  here’s to you my friend…



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