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voyeurism…what happened to intimacy? August 2, 2008

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blogging, twittering, youtube, godtube, reality tv, iphones, ichat, blackberry, palm pilot,texting…OMG stop it already.  well, i would, but that would mean i have to stop even as i am writing on this blog.  it’s so easy to get drawn in and it’s a fun outlet (can’t you hear the sucking in of your senses into the multi-sensory world). is it simply that we’ve just gotta be heard or seen or connected to the world?  some of us live to talk and some of us love to talk and some of us generally don’t get to have stimulating grown up conversations throughout our days.  and some are great writers whose “stuff” would not be put out to the world without the blog, we are just lucky enough to lurk around in some of the blogs and websites out there and read snippets of what could be the makings of some good books.

we have become voyeurs. certainly not in the way that the word was originally meant to be used.  okay, some have but that’s a whole different issue (perhaps we’ll discuss on another day)  we all want to know what other people are thinking and how they live and what they do…for a living. we want to be in touch with the world and the world in touch with us 24/7. unless you’re a telemarketer we wanna hear from you or about you.

have we become so busy networking and such that we no longer have intimate conversations?  we even multi-task our networking.  we network during a network situation/meeting.  even during what are meant to be important meetings. it’s like when i havepeople sit in a meeting and have a texting session with someone who is not even in the meeting.  in effort to stay connected with everyone, we end up disconnecting and not being fully in touch with the ones that are close to us and the ones we love.  for those of uswho have a healthy obsession with reality tv we sometimes lose touch with what real REALity is.  the desire to peer into the lives of others has almost become insatiable. 

you know you’ve gone too far when instead of walking into the same room as your spouse to ask a question or have a brief conversation, you find yourself calling each other on the cell phone.  or how about this one, you email the person in the office down the hall from you.  here’s another one, you text so much that you begin to speak in abbreviations.  how about you text so much that your grandmother speaks in text language. teehee

before we get all caught up and out of touch, it’s important that we stop for reality checks to really connect (face to face) locking eyes and communicating and simply just being with people we know and love and like.

i am guilty of multitasking my connection with people as well as peering into the lives of people that i have very little interest in, except to sometimes see how the other half lives. that’s entertainment folks!

anyhoo,  get your entertainment however you get it.  okay, let me re-phrase that…get your healthy entertainment however you get it 🙂 but don’t forget to come back to REALity.   connect, write, share, be creative and passionate about your own life. it really can be just as interesting as others. in a world of consumerism on steroids…perhaps we should get consumed with what fuels our life’s passion(s).

so i’m writing this, yet i like to blog.  i like to blog because i like to talk a lot and ramble a lot. no worries, i do my fair share of talking, rambling, ranting, chatting, expressing and living life with the ones i love, the ones i like and people i randomly see on the streets. 🙂

c ya



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