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i took a pause for the cause… October 16, 2008

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taking a pause for what cause?  be-cause i wanted to.  okay so that was funnier in person.  so anyhoo, i have not written since forever ago.  actually i’ve thought about writing, thought out the words and posted.  then i realized it was all in my head.  i’ve been lazy.  disinterested. lazy. hesitant cuz i think my words would have revealed my sharp edges.  me sharp edges. unnn unnn. (as she smirks)

lemme me see, we are in the most tiresome political season and it seems like it has been going on far too long. or is it that i have cared to listen to primary, after debate, after campaign ad, after snl spoof.  LET’S VOTE ALREADY!!! november 4th can’t come too soon.  whether you vote for the old guy whose partner is the new chick warrior on the scene or the charismatic young guy whose partner can go for a good verbal toe to toe.  hmmm, who to choose.  who to choose.  listen folks, look at whose policy resonate with you most (not based on pressure or another’s opinion of what party you should belong to…ya know).  vote your choice. we’re free to do so in this great u.s. of a.  (patriotic music swells) land of the free, home of the brave! stand in line on november 4th, no matter how long it takes and make sure you plug a vote for the team that’s the lesser of two evils, the one with the strongest policies or not, the team that will be able to clean up and put in the hard work, the team that lasted through this hard fought political campaign, dog gone it i’m tired of hearing it all let’ rock the vote…woohoo!!! (i crack myself up)

enough with the politics.  it has been fun though hasn’t it?  it’s been fun to see how excited and spirited conversations are amongst the people in america. young, old, in between, across all social economics, citizens and immigrants.  i like to see and engage in spirited conversations where people express themselves and take a lookat a different point of view, consider it and stand firm on they believe in.  i believe there has been an atmosphere created for young people (me included:) to stand for something more than being overly spoiled and getting something for nothing.  i think it’s important for us to teach our children to “stand for something or they’ll fall for anything”.  hmmm, stand for something, that could be al little dangerous if not checked or explained, don’t cha think? so make sure you go into a little detail when telling someone that quote.

anyhoo, it’s kind of fun watching my five year old try to grasp some of what is going on with all this politic stuff.  he even knows just a tad bit aobut who is who.  i ask him “who is our president” and he says, “George bush”.  check.  i ask, “who are the guys running to be president? he says, john mccain. and then i ask him who the other candidate is and he says “barack obama” (he had to think a little about both guys because he is not into it as much as mommy, but he had it down for the most part. of course i guess it helps him to constantly hear the news channel  blaring every political event in our house.  then he looks at me with a very quizzical look and asks, “so, is barack obama still our president?” hmmmm

caption:  “wait until we get outside, im gonna mop the floor up with you. now turn around and smile for the cameras doggoneit”

anyhoo,  wouldn’t it be cool to hear a conversation between obama and mccain when they’re not being polite.   here’s my version – obama:  “dude listen, my policies will work and i don’t care what you think of my inexperience. don’t you know that 4osomething is the new age of wisdom”.  so sit yourself down and let me show you how it’s done. i’m telling you eight years is enough. mccain:  you think you’re something with your charisma and popularity and idealism. i’m the real voice of reason and wisdom and all the joe six packs, joe the plumbers and all those guys are gonna strap on their combat boots and beat the heck out of what happened over the last eight years, cuz i’m not george, you hear me!” (yes, i do think i’m a funny. even if i’m the only one laughing)

okay, getting loopy, sleepy and stuff.  c ya



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