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“i’m sick of looking like an old man”… November 2, 2008

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okay, so the other morning myles and i were heading out the door to drop him off at school.  he checks himself out and decides that he doesn’t like what he’s wearing that morning.  mind you, he was not dressed any differently than the other mornings for school – cute, casual, preppy.  however, this morning he was singing another tune.  i’m not sure what style he was looking to sport that day but apparently i got it all wrong. 

anyhoo, our conversation went as stated in the next few sentences (verbatim. no quotes cuz i’m lazy)

me:  myles, go downstairs and get your shoes and put them on so that we can get going

myles:  (after returning back upstairs with his shoes in hand) why do i have to where these shoes today?

me:  because it goes with your outfit

myles:  i don’t want to where these shoes today.  look at me. i’m dressed like steve harvey.  i don’t wanna dress like steve harvey.  i just want to wear my red shoes. i like my red tennis shoes.  i can run really fast in my red shoes.  (then dramatic scene ends)

me:  (trying not to laugh out loud and in disbelief that he just compared how he was dressed to a man of 50 something years)  you do not look like steve harvey. steve harvey always wears suits.  plus, he’s a grown up man and you’re dressed like a little boy going to school.  put those shoes on and let’s go.

myles:  okay. (sigh) i still look like steve harvey. see (pointing to his ensemble).  tomorrow, i want to wear my red shoes

me:  yeah, okay.  you can wear your red shoes tomorrow because you have p.e.


steve harvey…



little myles…

the picture i posted of myles was not taken the morning spoken of, but here he is.  i didn’t think fast enough to snap a picture of the so called day of the “steve harvey” look alike

note:  he looked nothing like steve harvey.  he’s about 50 years younger and much cuter.  steve harvey wears suits and is always completely decked out.  my dear sweet little one looks more like an adorable little prep.  funny stuff. at least to me it’s funny. are you wondering how he knows steve harvey?  that’s another story for another day.  teehee

c ya



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