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it’s 2009…woooooooooooohoooooooo!!! January 1, 2009

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okay, so as i let the air out of 2008, it is time to exhale.  there’s just something about a new year that screams fresh start!!!  new year, new things, new thoughts, new perspective, new energy, new way to do whatever it is that you’re doing that is not working for ya.  forget the new year’s resolution stuff.  i say that you get up everyday in whatever state your life is in and tackle your day in the best possible way you can.  if your expectations are not met, know that you did your best and find peace at the end of your day.  what do ya think?  i’m all about letting myself off the hook from crazy expectations of mine and others. 

i’ve got lots of things that i want to do and there has been lots that i let hold me back.  so here’s the deal, i am quirky, spontaneous, sometimes overly analytical, kind, moody, smart (but most times i really doubt if i am) and i am a well meaning person.  obviously, that is not all of who i am but i’m going to be happy with me, work really hard to be content in all of my situations (Philippians 4:11), embrace my quirks and oh yeah, i’ll try to be more succinct.  me, more succinct? yeah, okay.  only when necessary.  is it ever necessary? teehee

so, yay for 2009 and beyond.  i’m ready for the challenges and the triumphs.  i plan to handle things with grace.  if i don’t accomplish the grace thing, i’ll do what i always do, laugh at it! teehee

peace out!



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