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new specs… January 17, 2009

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the baby, who is not a baby any longer and hasn’t been for a while ( i guess i better stop calling him that)…now has glasses!  my little myles is so excited that he will now be wearing glasses like some of his friends.  my response is more like sniff sniff.  thankfully, the prescription is very weak and he only needs them for one of his eyes and to read.  i guess that i am a bit sad because it’s yet another thing that reminds me that HE’S GROWING UP!!!  he is really cute in his new glasses.  he’s so proud of them and i think that he has the idea that a pair of glasses is what makes one have vision like a super hero.  teehee.  i won’t tell him otherwise.

aint he cute y’all? (of course he is!)







seriously, i had to post this picture (below).  he was posing for this picture to show me how he was going to pose when he got his new glasses.  i asked him about the finger and he told me that it’s his thinking pose.  thank God that myles is totally unaware of what other poeple think when they use that finger.  really, i thought it was funny and the poor boy was innocent and clueless! teehee.




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