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yep, i can really appreciate that… January 19, 2009

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just some curious thoughts of mine before i celebrate tomorrow.

perhaps i’m a little confused, but what is the issue with a few folks i know and then some that i don’t know all of a sudden living in fear of their life and thinking that it’s the end times because barack obama will be in the white house.  thank god i don’t pledge allegiance to one party or the other.  i’ve heard and seen some pretty disappointing stuff come out of people simply to uphold their ‘party’s” views. 

i’m not sure what to think, but, a surprising amount of my christian ummmmm, friends, are spewing hate because of this.  i have been surprised by stuff before, but what i’ve been witness to has been, ummmm, it has been ummmmm…crappy, to say the least.  i must admit that i was a bit heated by it, at first.  now, i think i have an idea of why there had to be an “i have a dream”.    

regarding obama, i don’t agree with everything, every policy, every decision nor do i agree with every action.  but, i can certainly appreciate a change.  and it’s not simply because he is our first brown president.  this is historical, exciting and i and my family can truly appreciate some pretty significant meaning in all of this. you’ve gotta be a pretty closed off person to not have just a a bit of hope for a bit of movement within this country.  oh well. 

i can appreciate celebrating how far this country has come…thus far.  and yes, we can stand to go quite a bit further. 

i use to almost feel self conscious of speaking on this topic at all.  i was a little self-conscious of how someone would interpret my words. now i don’t care mind. teehee.  it was almost like i should be ashamed of simply expressing my view point.  but, i have come to realize that i can express my views and not be angry.  i can agree or disagree and still be okay with another person.  i have just sat back and realized that if you let people talk long enough they will reveal a few things about themselves and their thoughts.  and no, you won’t ever really need to qualify the junk they say with a response (sometimes most times).

i can appreciate people of all races cheering on a man whose heritage use to be considered three-fifths a person.  true history.

i can appreciate how history is changing. not because of color. i think that it’s changing because of love.

i can appreciate my little five year old who can get along in any environment and happy to be with you just because you’re a person.

i can appreciate my little five year old who is very proud to be brown and very excited when he sees one on the television or comes into contact with another brown face.  he doesn’t see many that often, but he certainly gets happy and proud when he does. 

i appreciate renewed energy, passion. let’s pray that truth and love and honesty and humanity and righteousness and equality and balance and restoration and such happens over these next four years and beyond. 

i can appreciate that each president has brought something to the table.  some have brought a little bit under the table while bringing something to the table.  🙂

i can appreciate that i can’t do the job and  won’t act like the world is coming to an end because i don’t agree.

i can appreciate that God is the one in charge and we can live how he wants for us to.

i can appreciate living in faith and not fear.

i can appreciate living in a country where there is freedom.

i can appreciate more change and growth happening for this country.

i can appreciate understanding  or enlightenment.

i can appreciate living to love.

i can appreciate forgiving and moving on.

i can appreciate growth.

i can appreciate life in a whole new way.  not because of the election but because of my life’s experiences…it’s a must that i appreciate the experiences of life (doesn’t mean i have to always like it though). smile



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