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“…party like a rock star, party like a rock star, party like a rock star” January 21, 2009

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so, we had lots of fun on inauguration night.  just as they were celebrating in d.c., we had a little ball of our own.  myles was soooo excited.  it was family fun night so we just incorporated the happenings of the day as our theme.  we invited our next door neighbors and had our own rendition of the inauguration ball at the  same time as our new president.

there was dinner (with the good dishes), music, desert, dancing and more noise than i thought 3 children could make. 

i’m so proud of myself.  (tooting my own horn here) i’ve gotten pretty good at putting together a night of fun…on the cheap and at the last minute. yay me.

front row seat for the swearing in ceremony…


myles welcoming his guest for the evening…


dinner time…


apparently, i missed the memo that christmas is over.  (see the christmas decor in the middle of the table:)…


hand dipped chocolate covered pretzels (a bit of sweet and a bit of salty).   told ya, i’m getting good at this


group shot of myles, daddy and friends


time to dance…robot time!




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