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snow, snow, don’t go away…yet January 29, 2009

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we’ve had some great snow this winter.  though it has been colder than a witches broom, we can’t help but to be out in it.  i’ve even gotten my myles and his little neighbor buddy uninhibited on the sled hills. 

by winter’s end, i think we will have had enough of  sledding.  next winter we will be all about snowboarding!  can i do that with a five year old?  who knows, but he’s going anyway.  i’m not even sure that i should be snowboarding, because sometimes i’m so clumsyi’m not as steady on my feet.  just call me grace:).   since i’m a slight adrenaline junkie, i can’t help but go for the rush down the hill (all the while thinking about absolutely nothing!!!) with the wind on my face.  aaaaahhh, exhilarating! today, going down the sled hill i hit a bump.  i think my insides shifted a bit.  i think i’m gettin’ a too old for this. NOT! 🙂

anyhoo, i say…if it’s gong to be cold, bring on the snow.  without the snow, winter is just a cold boring few months of staying inside doing nada, or as myles would say, “that’s just ridiculous!”

so, snow snow, don’t go away yet.  however, when you do go away, be sure to take all of winter with you!



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