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i feel like a woman… February 24, 2009

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one day some woman is going to get a fine catch!!! i mean that in every sense of the word. i’ve been much of a vigilante about educating myself on all things boys to man.   i’ve learned a few things about boys and supposedly from the ages of five to eight are a boys kind years.  i can sord of believe it given that my little one has taken to being a miniature gentleman.  so, all of you men folks take note…

as i’m walkng up the stairs, he’ll step aside and tell me “after you”. 

when a guest is coming into our house, he tips his hat to them and starts speaking in some faux french language:)

when he wants something…he begs or whines nicely and remembers to say please at the end of it:) this is like nails on a chalkboard to me and i turn him down.  gotta let him down easy, right?

when he wants to show me love he says, give me your cheek so i can kiss you:) and then he reminds me of the items he would like added to his birthday list:)

when trying to show me that he’s a “man” he says, “mommy, i’m  going to feed you like a man feed womans“.  then he reminds me that i’m in great tiny little hands by saying, “i’m going to always treat you like womans are supposed to be treated.  i’m going to feed you and buy you jewelry.”  awwwwwww!

 i find it quite endearing that he wants to treat me like womans are supposed to be treated.  when was the last time you were treated like womans should be treated?

i dare not correct him on the the word womans because it’s just too darn cute.


yo, are you doing it or not? February 18, 2009

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like most people, i have an appreciation for the english language and proper use of grammar and such.  i consider myself vaguely on point when it comes to using the correct I and Me.  i miss the mark when it comes to putting commas and semi-colons where they belong.  i even skip paragraphs altogether.  i appreciate the power of perfectly punctuated phrases.  do I perfectly punctuate my phrases? NO!  as if you haven’t already noticed, i am too lazy busy  consumed with maximizing my time to capitalize the beginning of my sentences and the beginning of words.  i am fully aware of what i am doing and it bugs me.  however, whenever, wherever or whoever…i am not doing it

lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of people do it and it drives me absolutely CRAZY!!!  it grates on my nerves like nails on a chalk board, like grinding teeth, like chinese water torture.  don’t do it.  don’t mix up the words YOUR and YOU’RE.  here’s the deal people.  those two words are not interchangeable!!! you can’t just go using them all willy nilly.  i’m just saying.  you’re (a contraction – you are) and your (belongs to you / possessive).  you get it?  they don’t mean the same.  so STOP IT!!!

by the way, feel free to correct me on my stuff…if you dare.  i’m sure there’s plenty to run red marks through when it comes to my writing,  but at least you know that i’m doing it right.  because you’re reading this,  i know that i have your attention.  the next time i get a note from someone with the your or you’re in the wrong place…i’m going to red mark your note, return it to you and you’re going to thank me for it.  or maybe not!  teehee

now that i’ve given you the riot act about the use of the words your and you’re, i will work on my stuff.  i’ll take the easy and funny way out with this cute little book .  it just might be the thing i need.

my sweet kindergarten valentine… February 17, 2009

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this weekend was all abo, ut valentines.  i got a great idea or two from here.  we didn’t do quite the same things but the ideas helped to get my wheels spinning about what i was going to do.  normally, i wake myles up with breakfast in bed and a valentines treat and card.  he gets a really big kick out of it.  he’s getting older so this year i had to add some more fun to it. 

friday day i was a room mom for myles’ kindergarten valentines party.  cute and fun.  awww man! in all of my excitement i forgot to snap pictures.  anyhoo, trust me, it was cute and he was so excited.  he gave out cards with jolly rancher heart lollipops.  this is where the weekend sugar rush all started…

friday night he had a fun red bath and we let him loose to use his bath paints and boy did he let loose… i even had a bit of fun with he paints too. 

valentines-bath-009         valentines-bath-002



saturday morning we had breakfast and a movie with thomas the tank engine and friends.  this was probably the highlight of his whole day.  pancakes, cooked apples with cinnamon and hot chocolate.  (this is the extent of my gourmet cooking:) )

saturday all day the valentines treat bag dwindled…just a bit.  don’t tell my dentist, but i ate candy until my tongue hurt.

sunday – more valentines treats! yippee

monday – heart shaped burgers.  yeah, i know that it’s president’s day.   myles insists on keeping the love going.

no more treats for me.  i think i have a sugar headache. ugh

hope your valentines day with your family or loved one was good!

stimulate this… February 13, 2009

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talk about the irony of life.  so, yesterday i wrote a post about pink slips and stuff and guess what…we are now experiencing a layoff as of today.  crazy huh?  anyhoo, as we received this information, our tax preparer called to say that we might will have to pay taxes this year.  WHAT!!!!!  pay? last year i think i earned like  a whole $2.73   $3.99  $9.99   ok, so maybe it was slightly higher than that.  but really, whatever it was, why on earth should i have to pay MORE taxes.  where is my tax break?  i guess it was that extra ten bucks that put me in a whole other tax bracket.  all of this was an interesting start to an interesting day. 

any ideas on how i can stimulate my personal economic situation?  teehee

big sigh. 

don’t have time to  mope.  i’ve got valentines plans with my boy to get started with and jobs to pursue. 

c ya

it’s a hard knock life for us… February 12, 2009

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it’s no secret that lots of people are experiencing hardship, heartbreak, heartache or even if just for the moment…a hard knock life.  so whaddayado when the going is tough?  i hate to sound cliche, but, even through the punches, blows, tears and such, you have to move through it while you’re in it.  hear me clearly, even as you’re feeling like crap…you’ve gotta keep it moving man! how?  well, if you’re looking for a job after losing one, freshen up your resume, put on your sunday’s best and of course your good shoes and use the nervous energy that you may have to fuel your search for new opportunities.  might be easier said than done these days considering the looking is a bit harder than it used to be. 

for those of you that were probably in a not so fun situation at your job,  this may have been one of the best things to happen to you.  huh? yes, sometimes being pushed out the door really opens your eyes and pushes you to go after what you’ve been wanting to do all along.  go forth and do what fuels you and pursue what you are or once were passionate about and that you were born to do. 

can you imagine someone handing you your pink slip and saying to you – “go towards your destiny, go do what fuels you”.  i know that it does not happen quite like that.  most times when you’re being handed a pink slip the only word you may hear is “go”.  sometimes you may have a dream, vision, innovative ideas/creativity, etc. in your heart and you are discouraged by inhibiting words of others.  for this i say listen to your own voice  especially if you have a gut feeling about it

what do you like to do? what are you good at? what gets you fired up? this is no time to be scared of life and what you have to offer.

don’t ever stop holding out hope no matter what situation you may find yourself in.  though i’m not always successful at it,  i’ve continually searched for the true way of how to move through life with peace even in the midst of turmoil.  is it possible?  i’m telling you, it really is.  there is a scripture that i constantly keep in mind:  philippians 4:11 – “i am not saying this because i am in need, for i have learned to be content whatever the circumstances”  (this deserves further discussing.  in the meantime, please know that in need or in want in good or in bad…there is an inner peace that you can have)

this does not mean that you ignore your feelings.  be sure to allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you’re feeling – even while you’re pushing forward with a smile or with tears.  you’re allowed to have feelings without shame and with hope.

and this is for you…just because!

awwww, he wants to marry me… February 11, 2009

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he’s gotta be the most romantic five year old that i’ve ever met.  he loves to give me kisses and tells me that i’m pretty.  on christmas he wanted to buy me jewelry…i think because of a commercial that he saw.  for valentines day he told me that he wants to make me berry blast crepes…yummy! 

you’ve just gotta love a man  boy who knows what he wants and goes after it.  if he wants something from me, he seizes the moment, stares at me and says something like, “mommy, you’re beautiful” or “mommy, you’re the best woman in the whole world.”  then he’ll give this cheeky smile and lay his head on my shoulder.  five minutes later boom he hits me with the request that he spent time buttering me up for.  he’s learning early. what a little con sweetie. teehee

i felt so special one day when he told me that he wants to marry me…only if it doesn’t work out with all the other people.  huh?  i’ve gotta hand it to him for the confidence in thinking that women will be waiting in line to be asked out  by him.  he could probably pull it off with his charm.  teehee

anyhoo, he’s been planning valentines day for me for the last week or two.  he tells me of his plans just about every day, several times a day.  isn’t he the best?!!!!!! shhhhhh, i won’t let on that he is the one that wants crepes more than anything.  it’s the thought that counts…right?!

i love him, i love him, i love him…he lights up my world.  i promise from this day forward to fully embrace raising him and enjoying every stage of his life.  and oh yeah, i will be right there when he ends up marrying the best woman god could ever bless him with (even if they have to waith in line) teehee.  big sigh…thankfully, we’ve got a long way to go!

waaay-cute     watch out ladies…this cute little face can be irresistible. 

this is why i’m hot February 9, 2009

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i know for sure that i am waaaaay too young for menopause.  no kidding, i am.  but i promise you that i have experienced several hot flashes.  at first i thought that it was because i had gone for a good run and i was experiencing afterburn (you know, how your body still burns off calories after the run is over…supposedly).  well, i had a moment (or two or three) of over-heating and sweating when i had not even gone for a run.  that was disturbing to say the least. 

aaaaagggghhhh!!! things are happening to my body that i can’t quite explain.  WHAT THE HECK! if i start getting wrinkles and gray hair – measures will be taken.  i only need one issue at a time.  no need for things to be dropping down to my waist.  no need for divets to start forming on my body.  no need for hair to start growing in places it need not be.  no need for creases to start forming.  no need for such intense hot flashes that all of your make-up sweats off. no need for fluctuating mood swings.  not all of this has happened yet, but really there is no need.  THERE’S NO NEED FOR ANY OF THIS.  I AM WAAAAYYY TOO YOUNG!!!

this is my stop the madness campaign.  DEAR GOD, CAN YOU HEAR ME? MENOPAUSE MUST BE STOPPED…PLEASE!

nope, i don’t like YOUR pooch, YOUR puppy, YOUR pet… February 4, 2009

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okay, how many times have you had someone’s unleashed cute little puppy come up to you and want to lick you? do you just stand there and smile knowing that you want the dog to go AWAY!  so the the owner says to you, oh he doesn’t bite.  ummmm, what?  if he has teeth HE BITES!  or the owner will say he just wants to sniff you or give you kisses.  ummmmm, no!!! i don’t want your dog sniffing and licking me.  don’t they know that doggie kisses is your dog licking you with the same mouth that he licks his….  it’s also the same mouth that he laps up yesterday’s lunch that came back up.  ummmmmm, gross!!!

then there’s the really big muscle dogs that look like they can eat you up in one swill swoop.  they come running toward you tongue wagging and breathing heavy.  in reality they probably just want to play with you but from your  perception the look like 150 200 pounds worth of cujo. (your imagination goes wild – slobber, heavy breathing, big leaps on all fours coming toward you at 50 miles an hour) ughhhh.  the owner just lets them come after you for some quick play time.  all you’re thinking is i’m gonna be mauled, i’m gonna be mauled.  the owner says “oh, he’s harmless, he just loves to play”.  WHAT?!!! nope.  i don’t want to play with your domestic monster:)

nope, i don’t like your pooch.  i mean really, pets can be really cute and snuggly and stuff, however, please remember he’s YOUR pet.  he’s your man’s best friend. he’s your snuggly fluffy thing.  YOU KISS HIM!  my neighbors have dogs and they really are cute.  my neighbors are also really respectful in not having their dog not climb all over their guests.  plus, myles gets his pet fix.  i would love love love to get him a puppy, cat or something.  but, momma can’t handle scooping poop.

anyhoo, big ups to all you domestic pet lovers out there.  go ahead, let ’em lick ya, kiss ya, love ya, bite ya and all that other good stuff. but just remember, not everyone likes your pooch:)

by the way, this is not an i hate pets post.  so don’t go calling peta or aspca or who ever it is that handles those lovely little furry little creatrues:)

his world does not revolve around me… February 4, 2009

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so, i dropped my myles off at kindergarten this morning.  as he rushed into the building, he fell.  no biggie.  he got up, stared at his hands and then continued walking slowly into the building looking at his hand.  i nearly chased after him trying to hold back tears.  there was a teacher that was going into the building that checked on him for me. 

can you believe that i almost cried over that?  i think that i was near tears because i could actually see him from a distance and i was not right there to pick him up and kiss his boo boo. sigh.  i was not the first one to reach him. i realized the influence that will enter his life will not come from my house only. i realized his world is beyond me and the relationship that we share.  sigh

although i feel like my world revolves around him…the older he gets, the more he branches out, the more relationships he develops and next year when he attends school full time – his world will not revolve around only me. sigh!

it had just dawned on me, in that moment – i will not always be there to pick him up when he falls, i will not always be there to give him what he needs, i will not always be there to kiss his boo boos. sigh

i’ve got to be weaned off gently and slowly.  these situations can’t just sneak up on me all willy nilly. i guess it’s a matter of me getting into this slowly or just being pushed out there.  i think that i’ve just been pushed!


i better hold on tight to this sweet face…for now:)


my big boy