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his world does not revolve around me… February 4, 2009

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so, i dropped my myles off at kindergarten this morning.  as he rushed into the building, he fell.  no biggie.  he got up, stared at his hands and then continued walking slowly into the building looking at his hand.  i nearly chased after him trying to hold back tears.  there was a teacher that was going into the building that checked on him for me. 

can you believe that i almost cried over that?  i think that i was near tears because i could actually see him from a distance and i was not right there to pick him up and kiss his boo boo. sigh.  i was not the first one to reach him. i realized the influence that will enter his life will not come from my house only. i realized his world is beyond me and the relationship that we share.  sigh

although i feel like my world revolves around him…the older he gets, the more he branches out, the more relationships he develops and next year when he attends school full time – his world will not revolve around only me. sigh!

it had just dawned on me, in that moment – i will not always be there to pick him up when he falls, i will not always be there to give him what he needs, i will not always be there to kiss his boo boos. sigh

i’ve got to be weaned off gently and slowly.  these situations can’t just sneak up on me all willy nilly. i guess it’s a matter of me getting into this slowly or just being pushed out there.  i think that i’ve just been pushed!


i better hold on tight to this sweet face…for now:)


my big boy



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