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nope, i don’t like YOUR pooch, YOUR puppy, YOUR pet… February 4, 2009

Posted by jonesgurl in my ramblings..., what the heck.
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okay, how many times have you had someone’s unleashed cute little puppy come up to you and want to lick you? do you just stand there and smile knowing that you want the dog to go AWAY!  so the the owner says to you, oh he doesn’t bite.  ummmm, what?  if he has teeth HE BITES!  or the owner will say he just wants to sniff you or give you kisses.  ummmmm, no!!! i don’t want your dog sniffing and licking me.  don’t they know that doggie kisses is your dog licking you with the same mouth that he licks his….  it’s also the same mouth that he laps up yesterday’s lunch that came back up.  ummmmmm, gross!!!

then there’s the really big muscle dogs that look like they can eat you up in one swill swoop.  they come running toward you tongue wagging and breathing heavy.  in reality they probably just want to play with you but from your  perception the look like 150 200 pounds worth of cujo. (your imagination goes wild – slobber, heavy breathing, big leaps on all fours coming toward you at 50 miles an hour) ughhhh.  the owner just lets them come after you for some quick play time.  all you’re thinking is i’m gonna be mauled, i’m gonna be mauled.  the owner says “oh, he’s harmless, he just loves to play”.  WHAT?!!! nope.  i don’t want to play with your domestic monster:)

nope, i don’t like your pooch.  i mean really, pets can be really cute and snuggly and stuff, however, please remember he’s YOUR pet.  he’s your man’s best friend. he’s your snuggly fluffy thing.  YOU KISS HIM!  my neighbors have dogs and they really are cute.  my neighbors are also really respectful in not having their dog not climb all over their guests.  plus, myles gets his pet fix.  i would love love love to get him a puppy, cat or something.  but, momma can’t handle scooping poop.

anyhoo, big ups to all you domestic pet lovers out there.  go ahead, let ’em lick ya, kiss ya, love ya, bite ya and all that other good stuff. but just remember, not everyone likes your pooch:)

by the way, this is not an i hate pets post.  so don’t go calling peta or aspca or who ever it is that handles those lovely little furry little creatrues:)



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