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this is why i’m hot February 9, 2009

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i know for sure that i am waaaaay too young for menopause.  no kidding, i am.  but i promise you that i have experienced several hot flashes.  at first i thought that it was because i had gone for a good run and i was experiencing afterburn (you know, how your body still burns off calories after the run is over…supposedly).  well, i had a moment (or two or three) of over-heating and sweating when i had not even gone for a run.  that was disturbing to say the least. 

aaaaagggghhhh!!! things are happening to my body that i can’t quite explain.  WHAT THE HECK! if i start getting wrinkles and gray hair – measures will be taken.  i only need one issue at a time.  no need for things to be dropping down to my waist.  no need for divets to start forming on my body.  no need for hair to start growing in places it need not be.  no need for creases to start forming.  no need for such intense hot flashes that all of your make-up sweats off. no need for fluctuating mood swings.  not all of this has happened yet, but really there is no need.  THERE’S NO NEED FOR ANY OF THIS.  I AM WAAAAYYY TOO YOUNG!!!

this is my stop the madness campaign.  DEAR GOD, CAN YOU HEAR ME? MENOPAUSE MUST BE STOPPED…PLEASE!



1. Haralee.Com - February 10, 2009

Don’t wade in the river, da-nile forever. Menopause happens, it stinks but what is the alternative?

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