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awwww, he wants to marry me… February 11, 2009

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he’s gotta be the most romantic five year old that i’ve ever met.  he loves to give me kisses and tells me that i’m pretty.  on christmas he wanted to buy me jewelry…i think because of a commercial that he saw.  for valentines day he told me that he wants to make me berry blast crepes…yummy! 

you’ve just gotta love a man  boy who knows what he wants and goes after it.  if he wants something from me, he seizes the moment, stares at me and says something like, “mommy, you’re beautiful” or “mommy, you’re the best woman in the whole world.”  then he’ll give this cheeky smile and lay his head on my shoulder.  five minutes later boom he hits me with the request that he spent time buttering me up for.  he’s learning early. what a little con sweetie. teehee

i felt so special one day when he told me that he wants to marry me…only if it doesn’t work out with all the other people.  huh?  i’ve gotta hand it to him for the confidence in thinking that women will be waiting in line to be asked out  by him.  he could probably pull it off with his charm.  teehee

anyhoo, he’s been planning valentines day for me for the last week or two.  he tells me of his plans just about every day, several times a day.  isn’t he the best?!!!!!! shhhhhh, i won’t let on that he is the one that wants crepes more than anything.  it’s the thought that counts…right?!

i love him, i love him, i love him…he lights up my world.  i promise from this day forward to fully embrace raising him and enjoying every stage of his life.  and oh yeah, i will be right there when he ends up marrying the best woman god could ever bless him with (even if they have to waith in line) teehee.  big sigh…thankfully, we’ve got a long way to go!

waaay-cute     watch out ladies…this cute little face can be irresistible. 



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