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stimulate this… February 13, 2009

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talk about the irony of life.  so, yesterday i wrote a post about pink slips and stuff and guess what…we are now experiencing a layoff as of today.  crazy huh?  anyhoo, as we received this information, our tax preparer called to say that we might will have to pay taxes this year.  WHAT!!!!!  pay? last year i think i earned like  a whole $2.73   $3.99  $9.99   ok, so maybe it was slightly higher than that.  but really, whatever it was, why on earth should i have to pay MORE taxes.  where is my tax break?  i guess it was that extra ten bucks that put me in a whole other tax bracket.  all of this was an interesting start to an interesting day. 

any ideas on how i can stimulate my personal economic situation?  teehee

big sigh. 

don’t have time to  mope.  i’ve got valentines plans with my boy to get started with and jobs to pursue. 

c ya



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