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my sweet kindergarten valentine… February 17, 2009

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this weekend was all abo, ut valentines.  i got a great idea or two from here.  we didn’t do quite the same things but the ideas helped to get my wheels spinning about what i was going to do.  normally, i wake myles up with breakfast in bed and a valentines treat and card.  he gets a really big kick out of it.  he’s getting older so this year i had to add some more fun to it. 

friday day i was a room mom for myles’ kindergarten valentines party.  cute and fun.  awww man! in all of my excitement i forgot to snap pictures.  anyhoo, trust me, it was cute and he was so excited.  he gave out cards with jolly rancher heart lollipops.  this is where the weekend sugar rush all started…

friday night he had a fun red bath and we let him loose to use his bath paints and boy did he let loose… i even had a bit of fun with he paints too. 

valentines-bath-009         valentines-bath-002



saturday morning we had breakfast and a movie with thomas the tank engine and friends.  this was probably the highlight of his whole day.  pancakes, cooked apples with cinnamon and hot chocolate.  (this is the extent of my gourmet cooking:) )

saturday all day the valentines treat bag dwindled…just a bit.  don’t tell my dentist, but i ate candy until my tongue hurt.

sunday – more valentines treats! yippee

monday – heart shaped burgers.  yeah, i know that it’s president’s day.   myles insists on keeping the love going.

no more treats for me.  i think i have a sugar headache. ugh

hope your valentines day with your family or loved one was good!



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