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i feel like a woman… February 24, 2009

Posted by jonesgurl in gotta love it.
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one day some woman is going to get a fine catch!!! i mean that in every sense of the word. i’ve been much of a vigilante about educating myself on all things boys to man.   i’ve learned a few things about boys and supposedly from the ages of five to eight are a boys kind years.  i can sord of believe it given that my little one has taken to being a miniature gentleman.  so, all of you men folks take note…

as i’m walkng up the stairs, he’ll step aside and tell me “after you”. 

when a guest is coming into our house, he tips his hat to them and starts speaking in some faux french language:)

when he wants something…he begs or whines nicely and remembers to say please at the end of it:) this is like nails on a chalkboard to me and i turn him down.  gotta let him down easy, right?

when he wants to show me love he says, give me your cheek so i can kiss you:) and then he reminds me of the items he would like added to his birthday list:)

when trying to show me that he’s a “man” he says, “mommy, i’m  going to feed you like a man feed womans“.  then he reminds me that i’m in great tiny little hands by saying, “i’m going to always treat you like womans are supposed to be treated.  i’m going to feed you and buy you jewelry.”  awwwwwww!

 i find it quite endearing that he wants to treat me like womans are supposed to be treated.  when was the last time you were treated like womans should be treated?

i dare not correct him on the the word womans because it’s just too darn cute.



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