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gonna make you sweat… March 5, 2009

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for most people it takes energy and scheduling and such to fit your workouts into your day.  anyhoo, it’s apparent by the bit of a belly bulge that i have, that i have not scheduled or fit any type of workout into my days as of late.  the only thing that i’ve fit in has been all the mmmmmmm, yummmy sweets that i fit into my mouth.  remember, i told you some time ago that i love my peeps and all kinds of other sweets.  if you put a wholesome meal before me and a bunch of sugar infused treats…i would trade it all for this –

mmmmmm, CANDY!






See full size image

so needless to say, besides the belly bulge, lately my bootay has also grown a bit. 

i’ve figured out a way to slip in my workout while playing with my myles at the same time.  no schedules, no hassles, no need for a gym membership…just pure fun.  here’s secret to working out and getting in play time with your little one.

1)   turn up the music and  have a 15 to 20 minute dance party.  your kid(s) will love it and you will feel it for sure.  the following, should give you a little incentive…  go toni. go toni go toni. do the robot. go. go. go. wooooooo.  yes, that was just me breaking out the dance moves.

2)   take your kid on a bike ride, except you won’t ride your bike, you will run beside him/her.  your run may not be as fast a you’d like for it to be, but it will be at least a 20 to 30 minute run.  if your child is older, you just might get a chance to run for pace and run for a longer period of time

3) if you’re a sahm (stay at home mom) and refuse to leave the house until you’ve cleaned every nook and crany, you could make sure that you’re moving constantly while cleaning and moving briskly around the house.  also, while trying to catch up on your half-hour tv show, use your resistance bands and do your moves while you looking at the television.  that’s worth at least a half hour of strength work                                               

– or –

make sure that while you’re cleaning and picking up toys and going up and down the stairs, make sure your moves are calculated.  tuck and tighten those abs as you bend and pick up.  also, here’s a bonus –  going up and down the stairs for one thing or another certainly helps with the glutes and cardio. (after giving birth, i was constantly up and down the stairs and it was certainly not because i wanted to and before i  even realized it, i had begun to take off the weight.  however, i found it again…the weight that is)

that’s all i’ve got for now.  the next time i look in the mirror i hope that i’m not saying what i said the other day…dang – i wonder how many months pregnant is she.  teehee. 

gotta go get fit and fine! c ya

 …and no more of this



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