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monkey trouble… March 10, 2009

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the other day was a bit of a hard day for me, for various reasons.  so as i was laying on my bed praying:  God help me to focus on you and what you will have me to do.  help me to focus on love and how you would help me to show it.  help me to focus on how well i treat others, help me to focus on you as Lord of my life.  as i seek to not allow what others do drive me nuts, please help me to focus on the fact that the same grace you extend to me you extend to others…and so should i.  help me to be humble and to forget about making others right the wrongs that only you can can judge.  carry me through this time.  help me to trust and believe in your promises.  help me to trust in your provision.  help me to focus on you.  let my thoughts of you overshadow, take over and wipe out the thoughts of personal injustices.  help me to see any personal injustices as a way for you to show me how sovereign you are.  though i may not understand your sovereignty, help me to accept it. help me get through my days with love, grace, dignity, mercy and kindness.  God i ask that you love others through me.  in jesus’ name i pray. amen.

how did i remember that prayer?  it has quickly become something that i now say, daily.

so as after i prayed theose words and layed there for few moments, thoughts about the woman who was violently attacked by the chimpanzee who was being raised as a pet, came to mind.  as i thought of her, i of course prayed for her as well.  they say that her recovery prognosis is unsure.  she now has no hands, no nose, no eye lids, possible blindness and could she possibly have brain injury.  she faces all of this because of a chimp that was really meant  for the wild.  he acted out in what i would say is innate, natural behavior, for a wild chimp. 

as  i was thinking about her, i remember hearing her brother describe her as a fighter and a very strong woman.  i started praying that her strong will to live kicks into high gear.  i couldn’t think of what else to say because it just seemed so tragic and my mind just kept stopping short of putting myself in her place.  so, i just prayed that god would HELP, HEAL and give her a MIRACLE.  there is talk of a possible face transplant and other things.  all i can say is…unfathomable.  she will continue to be in my prayers.

i have such a random attention span and a big heart for people in unfortunate situations.  i don’t want to forget about people that i hear about because i’ve moved on to the next news story.  i want to make sure that i don’t just think about news stories and feel sad for those involved.  i want to make sure that i’m praying for people, always.  given that i’m a self professed news junkie, this means that i will be on my knees a lot, in prayer.



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