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babies and big lips pt. 2… March 13, 2009

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sensationalism at it’s best.  more on the octomom.  admit it.  you can’t stop, i can’t stop, we all can’t stop watching, can we?  it’s like a train wreck and we just can’t get enough. ya know.  anyhoo, check it out and then read on.


i saw this on a today show segment – an interview with two mommy pros or something like that.  i know that just like butts, everyone has an opinion, but this video…sheesh.

just watching this made me want to barfarama.  when people are sooooooo critical of other people with hardly any understanding that we don’t all think, act, or live the same – it just makes me want to take up for the person being picked on.  everyone of us comes with baggage, but some of us think that we’re perfect enough to rip people without any grace for others.  i mean like really, i just found my baggage last week and discovered, low and behold – i’ve got baggage.  it’s decorative, mind you, but i’ve got some.

it’s time to start praying for octomom and if you’re fortunate enough to support their family with your hands or funds, why not do it.



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