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peeing on trees… March 17, 2009

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men love to claim their stuff.  mark their territory.  be the alpha male.  let you know who is king (or so they think).  they love to PEE ON TREES! 

i am now convinced after watching my little five year old boy that i’m sure that it starts in the womb!  as soon as the sex of a child is deemed – boy, i would suspect that the boy to manhood process begins. 

because i’m a woman and i know nothing about being a man, i am constantly educating myself on everything about boys and their process to becoming a man. 

yep, flinging dirt, playing in dirt, throwing mud, throwing rocks, showing off their muscles, strutting their stuff, boys and their toys, showing off their feathers like peacocks and competing with the next man to show them who the alpha male is.  peeing on trees.

i know that if i did not try to learn all about boys and their growing process for myself, i would parent my boy a completely different way.  i’m pretty sure that i would be a bit clueless.  as i’m watching him as he tries to be a big  boy, i often laugh at what i see (same boyish behaviors) a lot of times in men. 

though, a lot of times women won’t admit it, they like it when a man tries really hard to protect, care, vie for the attention of and show off their strength to impress…and that my friends is what i call peeing on trees.  

Do you think female dogs



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