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it’s a boy!!!… March 20, 2009

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he’s a slick one.  lovable, cuddly, snugly, and quite cute.  somehow, he’s learned the art of priming the pump to get what he wants.  you know what i’m talking about i’m sure, when your child nuzzles up to you and says all kinds of stuff like i love, you’re so pretty…may i have a (insert child’s desire – candy, toys, privilege, etc.). my boy has got this down to a science.

of course there are times, lots and lots of times that he says the sweetest things, out of the clear blue. and. it. just. makes. my. heart. melt.

well, the other day he really gave it to me.  i was stunned and could not stop smiling or laughing…like really hard.

myles:  (stroking my hair and staring directly into my eyes)  mommy, i don’t mind when you look really gross.  i love you all the time.

me: (sitting there with messy hair and putting on my face moisturizer) why, thank you myles for loving me unconditionally.  and that means you love me no matter what.

myles:  (shaking his head up and down, looking at me with, ummm, concern) well, i really do love you. 

i can only imagine what he was thinking in that little head of his.  dang…mommy looks kinda jacked up without makeup! teehee



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