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capture that… March 23, 2009

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shameless.  shameless i tell ya.  i am one to snap snap snap away with the camera.  it’s gotten to the point that i taught my son to tell me, “no more paparazzi” when he wanted me to stop taking pictures and videos.  he doesn’t remember to tell me that, he just simply just gives me “the look” when i point and snap in his direction.  but nonetheless, it does not deter me because he is just too irresistible. 

anyhoo, just as i do every night, i went into his bedroom to check on him while he was sleeping.  i wiped his sweat, readjusted his blanket and found that he had taken his little socks off of his feet and he had put them on his hands.  knowing him, he was probably performing a little puppet show for all of his stuffed animal friends before finally falling off to sleep.  i guess he needed to entertain himself since he takes forever to doze off.  funny stuff i tell ya, funny stuff. 

even in his sleep he is the cutest and funniest and most precious.  i can say that because i know you think that of your little one too. 




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