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lethargy and a big ‘ol tushie… March 26, 2009

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okay,  so i went to my doctor’s office for girlie visit time and as i was sitting there talking with my doc i said, “i think i’m in menopause.”  silence. silence. silence.  and then he looks up at me with his glasses hanging slightly off of his nose, less than half a smirk, and then he continued writing in my file.  silence, again for a few more seconds and then a response.  “so, what makes you think this?”  he asks.  ummm, well,  my girlie time is off, i sweat like a banshee long after i take a shower and beyond and so on and so forth.”  then there is silence.  he starts writing, again.  then he looks up at me and we go through of a series of questions and answers.  so then i say to him, “well, am i? am i or am i not in menopause?”  “well”.  he says.  i don’t think so, you’re quite young for that. but…(blah, blah, blah, blah and some more stuff that i’m not sure that i was tuned in to).

don’t you just love going to the doctor and getting a “BUT” response to your question.  i wanted to say – look doc, don’t make me sweat any more than i have been lately, just give me the quick and dirty. 

so it turns out that we don’t really know what is going on with my body.  what we do know is that something something just ain’t right.   so soon i will be heading to the lab to get tests and such.

anyhoo, the doctor looks down at my file and says, “i see that you’ve gained a little  bit of weight.”  and i said, “why, yes doctor, i have gained weight”.  “do you like how it looks on me?”  “i’ve picked up these extra pounds by eating loads and loads of candy!”  he, being a doctor who is not moved to show much emotion or facial expression at all, looks at me and simply asks, “what kind of candy”?  and i said, “candy, you name it and i like it”.  “candy, candy, candy, i like it!” (score…i got a smirk out of him!)

he may not have found that completely funny but i think he actually wrote the words, candy candy candy in my file.  or was it crazy crazy crazy.  oh well, at least he knows what to get for me the next time i come into his  office because these are the kind of office visits that one should be rewarded for. ya know what i mean.  nothing big, just a little something full of refined sugar will do me just fine.  teeeheee

so, finally, i ask him…”will i be able to have more children if i’m possibly heading into menopause (i can’t get off this menopause kick because i somehow hear my clock tick tick ticking away) and what exactly does menopause mean?”

and he looks up after writing in my file and tells me that menopause means that one’s ovaries are aging and that your body is moving out of child bearing years.  he didn’t say no, or impossible, nor did he tell me that i’m actually in menopause…yet.

so here i stand…a big ‘ol hinie, sweating, overheating and hot flashes, suspicions of menopause or under active thyroid and so on and so forth. 

i am still young and i refuse to go  down for the count this early in life with things all shutting down and drying up and stuff. and if i do…it will be in a blaze of glory baby!!!

 on a brighter note and more importantly, at least i don’t have wrinkles not even the first sign of them at all! i’m just saying.:)



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