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shake down and a new perspective… April 3, 2009

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if you’ve ever experienced a shake down and your world did not quite turn out the way you planned…do you have a plan b?  these days it seems as if lots of folks are finding themselves in need of a plan b. 

 i remember when my myles started talking about his plan b, he was 3 years old at the time.  whenever he would be playing with toys or doing almost anything, he would make sure that if you came anywhere near him that you would know not to mess with his plan b.  i thought that what he was saying was really funny at the time and i didn’t think too seriously about how profound that was for a three year to even think in that way.  oh to be wise and young.  on second thought, was it just his males instincts, his creativity, the hunter, gatherer, hoarder, etc. in him.  either way, it did make me think a bit about looking beyond the now and just simply the norm.

usually when you lose it all, or lose that “great” job with a pretty healthy salary, lose that relationship that you think that your world would end without it, when you lose friendships, when you’re stuck in a dead end situation and don’t know what the heck to do next, when the plans that you set your sights on did not go quite as you desired and so on and so forth…what do you do next?

not all the time are we going to think ahead when we’re in the midst of our current blissful situation, however, anytime is an opportunity to start doing the thing you are really passionate about but didn’t do because of fear or otherwise.  big let downs can be your gateway into your new fulfilling life.  ooohhh, i think i just made up a new quote.  let me say it again, big let downs can be your gateway into your new fulfilling life.  it’s all about perspective…so get a new one (perspective that is or a new life, it kind of adds up to the same, don’t you think?).

a lot of times people will stay focused on their let down and then get stuck in a trap of not letting that mad energy fuel them into doing what they were created for.  every single one of us was created with a specific “special” thing about us and in crazy times or not-so-crazy times i say, GO FOR IT!!!

once you open up the space in your own head to do what is your internal healthy desire, you will realize a certain freedom in your life. 

so i say…take the bull by the horns, let go of your fear(s), dive in full throttle.  you just might be surprised at what you discover about yourself.  let no words from others or yourself halt your progress.  if you need a little help with that take a page and a few words from my now five year old myles…”don’t mess with my plan b”!



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