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pearl and the trees… April 6, 2009

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 if you’re ever feeling like you can’t, think again.  i saw a show about a man who lives in the south and he has such an inspiring story.  it was obvious and not a doubt to all who walked in the presence of his garden that he was doing exactly what God put in him to do.  he didn’t have much money and a lot of his creations come from hand-me-down nursery stuff.  he gave no excuses.

after watching the show, there is no way that  one could not be inspired.  pearl used his hands to create the most fantastic garden.  did i say garden, pfff, i  meant to say…topiary magnificence.  he didn’t use a lot of chemicals and he didn’t even have an irrigation system.  he simply used what God gave him and was resourceful about how to make “it” happen.  he gave no excuses.

how many times do we let the excuses that others give us or the ex cues that we give ourselves stop us from jumping out there and pursuing what we are internally passionate about.  i’ve recently started to work on some things that i am soooooo excited about.  it encompasses a number of things that i’ve been saying that i’d like to do.  in passing, i’ve talked about it for years, but now the work begins. i’m. am. excited!

i had the research and planning in motion when i saw this show about pearl.  it (the show) certainly gave me more inspiration to let my sense of resourcefulness go wild. 

isn’t it interesting how you can look at someone else’s life and get a new perspective and find more find more inspiration to fuel your inspiration.  thanks pearl.

check out this quick excerpt of “a man named pearl“. this show was seen on hgtv so hopefully you can find it or catch it on tv.  in the meantime and in between time…get inspired.



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