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can i kiss you… April 8, 2009

Posted by jonesgurl in children, what the heck.
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he really is turning into such a good sport.  he, being my myles (my precious five year old).  am i surprised?  ummmm yeah.  i’ve seen some un- sportsman-like behavior come from him that really made me wonder. 

the other day i listened in on a play date that myles was having with a friend.   he did not know that i was listening and i witnessed by way of eavesdropping (don’t act like you don’t do it to your children) his little compassionate heart up-close.  (insert sentimental sigh)

myles and his little friend were reading books and he noticed his friend struggling to read a lot of the words in the book.  so he told her, “you don’t have to read all the words in the book, you can just make up your own words, it’s okay if you make them up.”   as soon as he said this to his friend, she was immediately at ease and started “reading” her own words without the shame of not knowing the real words. 

he never once told his friend how well he reads, he never teased his friend, nor did he question his friend about what they could or could not do.  (sentimental sigh) at the moment i could have just given him a big ‘ol momma bear hug for his thoughtfulness.

so here’s the kicker…he later asked his little friend if he could kiss her hand.  oh yeah, smooth move slick willy.  so all along, was he just sweetening her up to get a kiss?  i wanted to yell into the room – dude, slow down…you’re only five!



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