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emabracing the day… April 13, 2009

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easter / resurrection day was a unique and good day.  embracing all activity that today held, however, never far from my mind was the extreme gratefulness and awe of what the celebration of this day means.  memories of my childhood come to mind as i listen to my myles recite, memorize and understand  john 3:16 just as i did as a lttle kid. 

we started the day off with a prayer and myles decides that he needs to say the whole prayer.  short, sweet and to the point, was his prayer.  i think he assumed that if i or his dad prayed we would be there for a while. the most interesting thing is, i was pretty impressed by what he said.  but of course i’m a pretty proud momma anyway. 

it was great to see others embrace the day and its meaning/purpose by accepting Christ as their savior for the first time.  it was important for me to embrace the day for so many reasons.  throughout challenges of life, it’s quite possible to find joy and inner peace.  i thought about my little angel baby and how she is actually in heaven with Christ.  that was a wow moment.  as much as i would like to watch her run around down here on earth we me (dressed in her little pastel easter duds) –  to know that she is safe in his arms on this special day, man oh man, my creative imagination cannot even begin to touch how fantastic it must be where she is. 

as i sat in front of my angel baby’s head stone, her “resting place”, the field where her little body “rests”, i close my eyes and let my imagination take me there…my heart was full.  for that moment i didnt’ think about the emptiness of my arms, the emptiness of the fourth chair at our dining table, the emptiness of a second child size bed, the emptiness i feel from time to time because she is not with me…my heart was overwhelmingly full in that moment. 

the wind was blowing a crisp, cool, refreshing breeze.  the sun was slightly shining.  the grass was a soft cushion underneath me.  with my eyes closed, i allowed God to take me take me away, to transport me to another place.  wonder and awe is all i have to say. 

embracing the day for whatever it held.  my heart is full. 

      the-blue-balloon2     easter-pics-0171         easter-pics-016



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