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peeing on trees, pt. 2… April 13, 2009

Posted by jonesgurl in 1.

myles comes home from school, puts away his jacket, shoes and such, figures out what he wants for lunch, comes up stairs, plops in the rocking chair and decides that, “from now on, this will be my rocking chair – okay momma?” as he rubs the arms of the chair he says, “this will be my rocking chair because i’m wise, can this be my rocking chair momma?”  sure, i say.  not really thinking that he meant it in a serious kind of way. 

a while later andre’ comes upstairs and sits in the chair, myles walks over to him and says, “this is my rocking chair because i’m wise, so can you please get up?”  andre’ (looks at him with a smirk and in disbelief that he would even say such a thing) “what do you mean myles?” of course myles responds, “seriously, this is my chair.”  andre’ looks at me.  i am not sure what to say because i surely did not think that he (myles) really assumed that the chair was his, for real. 

he has staked his claim, marked his territory and has given a reason as to why.  yep, he’s staking his claim (peeing on trees again).  my assumption is that this too shall pass and in a few days he won’t even remember that he claimed this piece of furniture.  i think that i have to make sure that he knows that the chair can and should be shared with the rest of us. 

i’ll think twice before answering the question as to whether or not he can “stake claim” to a piece of furniture that belongs to everyonein the house.  tooooooo funnnny!



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