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he put his hand where?… April 14, 2009

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yes, i have a boy.  yes, he is the best thing since warm, buttered dinner rolls or sugar or lip gloss or the color orange or a pair of really cute stilettos.  yes, he is loud, fun and rambunctious.  yes, he is sooooo much fun.  yes, he is wired soooo opposite of me because he is a boy.  yes, he is all mud, bug, worms and picking scabs.  and yes, he is already flirting with the ladies.  aaaaaahhhh.


i was not fully aware of what was to come with certain boy happenings.  nothing new, but funny and surprising each time i see it.  if you have a boy and you’re a mommy and not a daddy (because daddy’s already know this stuff, i think) what to expect at certain times.  like for instance when little boys wake up and things are poking out at you.  it’s like whoa!  or like when they are sleeping or just watching t.v. and they are doing an al bundy, you know, sitting there with their hand down their pants…just chillin’. 

yep, one day their hugging stuffed animals and the next day they are doing stuff that as a mommy, you have to act unsurpised about.  i don’t want to shame him because i know that it is all natural boy stuff and innocent.  at least i think it is. 

as he was taking a nap today, i looked over at him and viola! there he was hands in pants and snoring like a banshee.  too funny.  i almost took a picture of him in that state but i think i have enough embarrassing pics like that.  this time i’ll cut him some slack.



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