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their eyes are watching you… April 17, 2009

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as parents, we watch or at least we try to watch everything we say or do around our children.  if we’re honest, there are some slip ups and our kids are right there to call us on it or catch us in act.  so i guess you can say that having children really causes one to straighten up any behavior that you might otherwise try to get away with.  no more using the c word (by c word i’m talking about the word – crap), instead of saying that sucks you now probably say something that ‘s a non-potty mouth equivalent.   and when frustrated you really have to watch your actions and your words…you know what i mean.  they will handle things the same way you do, with the exception of some of their fits and tantrums which are completely natural (this too can be curbed or cured) teehee.

anyhoo, what i’m starting to realize is that some things that we are talented at are kind of in our dna.  but how we approach life is something that we pass on to our kids as well.  i’m really curious about what kind of person my little myles will be when he grows up.  it’s fun watching him and his personality shine and wonder what kind of man he will be and what kind of profession he will choose.  i’ve also discovered that it is really important to nurture what you see in your children and not take for granted that they’ll know what to do with their talents.  nuture what you see them leaning towards! 

lately, i’ve been checking out my little guy and boy has he learned a couple of things from me that i’m actually really proud of.  i didn’t teach him to do it but i was really surprised to see how apt he was at this certain talent.  the other day we were talking and he pretty much took a meeting with me.  if i didn’t give birth to him myself, i would not believe that he was just a five year old boy.  to say the least, he impressed me.  i later played conversation back in my mind and realized he had been watching what i do and he had picked up on how to do this “thing” and he is surprising detail oriented.  if i had to guess i now have an idea of some of the talents that God has blessed me with.  so cool!

i’m proud of him.  i know that i need to continue and work really hard to show him (by example) how to approach life. i choose to show him by my example to approach life with an open mind and with passion, respect for others, moral and standards that he will be proud of. 

 so yes, they are watching every move you make.  so whatever you do, do it well.  so whatever you say be appropriate and make sure your words are life giving and don’t tear down others.  and yes, i as well as most humans on the planet will have slip ups.  (sighing and cringing at the thought of some of my slip ups.  ugh!). anyhoo,  show your kids how to come back from those mistakes.

and this video is just for the heck of it and because i like 80s music.  you know that i couldn’t bring up this topic and not have this song popping into my head. smile



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