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no words… April 20, 2009

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having one of those overcast, dreary kind of days – probably because that’s exactly what it looks like outside.  though, i am pretty glad that it is no longer frigid.  it’s one of those days that you wish you could stay underneath the blanket reading a really good book, eating a bowl of popcorn.  this all sounds really good except i have a mess of papers calling my name. ugh

anyhoo,  as i move into a different chapter of my life, i’ve had to have some “it’s not good-bye but it’s see you around” kind of phone conversations.  a good number of the conversations have gone well and i have felt the support and friendship.  but then there are the conversations that left me exhausted and extremely frustrated.  those were the hard ones.  ugh

anyhoo, here i sit, tired of making phone calls, tired of researching online and just plain ol’ tired.  right now is when a nice little packet of peeps would do me good.  we all know how i like hanging with my peeps (you know, the total colored sugar covered marshmallow candy…yummmmm)!

i think i’ll turn in early tonight because by the end of this day, i will have no more words.  just a big deep sigh and a readiness to get on with things.  come what may. i’m ready. i think:)



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