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earth day… April 22, 2009

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earth day!  yay!!! did a little bit of reducing, reusing and recycling.  you know, just like what jack johnson sings about!  he’s the bomb (like a really good/fun musician)!!! anyhoo, i hope you did a bit of earth day stuff.  let’s all save the planet and whatnot:)

myles, inspecting light bulbs


i think  i sord of did my small part today for the good of the earth.  let’s see, we minimized our electricity usage (reduce), gathered gently used clothes for giveaway (reuse), double-checked that all light bulbs were energy efficient(reduce), recycled the can i used for soup (recycle), minimized my water usage (reduce), and surprised myles with a fun little desert made of mud, bugs and worms.  he loved it!  of course it was actually made of chocolate pudding, gummy bugs and gummy worms. 

mmmmmmm, desert!    dirt-earth-worms-and-bugs

perhaps i will do a bit better next year for earth day.  but until then…i am going to conserve a bit more energy and go to sleep!



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